Morgan with Catagenesis Installation, Philadelphia, PAI received my bachelors degree in 3D Design (Ceramics) in 1988 from Wolverhampton Polytechnics in England and my masters degree from the Unversity of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1993.  I have worked almost exclusively with brick since 1986, using it as both a building unit and a sculptural medium.

My work is nonrepresentational.  It centers mainly around the brick, both as a sculptural medium and a building unit.  In general, I make connection between the rigid brick and its raw, amorphic material, clay.  I see brick as an expression of a symbol for natural limitation, which is in fact the central idea behind all symbolism.  This effect is achieved by the carving or placement of the bricks, also through incorporating landscaping.  I often include utilitarian elements, e.g. walls, patios, benches, and fountains, partly to reference brick's traditions but also to invite spectator to become physically involved with my work.

Now based in Philadelphia, I hold dual citizenship in the US and the UK. I am able to produce work anywhere in the world and have worked with diverse entities on a variety of projects. Past commissions have been completed throughout the United States in Nebraska, New York, South Dakota, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania as well as the UK. Projects involved collaborations with school children, custom home builders, and with state and local government agencies.